Weekly Tip or Trick: Data Logging Part 1

Data logging is the process of taking a reading from a sensor every so often and write it to a file so you can later graph it. I just fond out that that the mindstorm can do that in two ways, I will outline these two ways in this weekly Tip or Trick data logging part 1 and part 2. The first way is the easiest but least useful: first plug a sensor in to one of the mindstorms input ports. Turn the mindstorms on, from the first menu chose NXT Datalog, from the next menu chose the type of reading you want to take and then the port number that your sensor is on, now the type of reading menu will come up, this is for when you have more then one sensor to data log, but if you have only one sensor select done, next run the program. To stop the data logging press the back button select save, now the minstorm as saved the data log file, the next step is to get that file off the mindstorm. Connect the mindstorm brick to your computer and start the mindstorms nxt programme, create a new programme and select the mindstorms data button on the buttom right hand corner, select the the memory tab from the top of the window, on the left side of the memory window there is a graph of the mindstorms brick memory usage click on the “other” label not on the other section of the graph, when you click the label a list of files will come up select your data log file and click the upload button on the bottom of the window, chose the location to upload your file and click ok. Open the data log file with a text editor should get all the readings. The problem with the method is that the .log file you get is not compatible with any graphing software(as far as I know ,comment if you know any) but the next method is and I will explain it in: Weekly Tip or Trick: data logging part 2 ,coming next week.

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