Finished Project: Lift Gate(rough version)

This is the project I have been working lately:

Lego mindstorms Lift Gate With Passblock Protection:

The gate works like this:

  • The car or truck drives up and is detected by the ultrasonic sensor on the gate.
  • It beeps and the color sensor flashes red, telling the car to stop.
  • Next, it asks you for your passblock(actually it says ” log please” because that was the only sound I could find.)
  • It waits until a blue lego block is passed in front of the color sensor, then the clolor sensor  flashes red and says “positive”
  • The gate opens.  Two seconds later it closes.

Here is the video I made of the gate with a truck coming in from the outside:

But the gate can be opened from the inside to by pressing the touch sensor on the inside of the gate. Here is a video:

Another feature of the gate is that it can be locked. The gate starts out unlocked as shown by the lock on the screen. If  the touch sensor on the mindstorm brick is pressed the lock on the screen will lock and the gate will not be able to open until the touch sensor is pressed again. I will post a nicer version of this project in the coming week with the walls built to full size as well as the same colour. I also plan make some other projects on the gate theme, maybe a train crossing and a toll bridge where you pay in lego blocks. I will  post the program file of the lift gate soon.

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