Minecraft WIP: The Sebastien Craft Castle

I have been working on this castle for a couple of days now and I am about half way through. The walls are hallow boxes, 64 blocks long, 12 blocks high and 6 blocks wide. The towers are also hallow; 4 blocks wide, 4 blocks long and 20 tall. I have made a round staircase up one of the towers to get to the top of the walls. The whole castle is made out stone bricks except the tops of the tower which are made of spruce wood. Also the roof will be made of glass. Most of of the walls and towers where made using the filler from the mod Build Craft which saved a lot of time. Using the filler is actually slower then placing blocks manually. But, with a filler you can have many working at once as well as do other things at the same time. I will go over the filler and the rest of Build Craft in more detail later when I do a mod showcase about it. I am not sure what I am going to about the lighting. I think I will put a row of torches around the wall(on the inside) but I don’t know about the middle.

Here are some screen shots:

The whole castle:


The top of a wall :


The staircase:


Inside a wall:


The floor:

2013-05-22_17.28.59 I plan on using the castle for mod showcase videos and demonstrations in the future as well as for making a title intro for my Minecraft videos.

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