Unity Game Project: A Ant Sized Scene

Lately I have been working on this game in the great and free unity game engine. I have started a work in progress(WIP) thread on the unity forms for this game, but for the that are not registered with unity I am going to put all of my form posts here. So here they are:

Post # 1:

Welcome to my work in progress for my game “A Ant Sized Scene” – a third person exploring game
Note: this is my first game(but I have been working with unity for about 6 months now) so I am trying to keep it simple and hope to finish it in about two months.
You are a ant sized person or a ant(not sure yet) in cartoon style backyard. The goal of the game is to go to all the check points that are around the yard. When you get all the check points you win the game but you can get bonus points by getting the coins that a around.
Any kind feedback is welcome.

Post # 2:

More updates coming soon!Open-mouthed smile

Also any feedback can go in the comments, thanks.



this post was made with windows live writer if your a blogger check it out(it comes default with windows 7 ). It makes writing posts much easier and can upload to many blogging platforms.

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One thought on “Unity Game Project: A Ant Sized Scene

  1. You should build mini games and stuff.

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