Unity Game Project: A Ant Sized Scene(update#1)

Original post: Unity Game Project: A Ant Sized Scene

Unity forum tread: A ant sized scene

The latest post on the unity form:

Test build 0.1

Test build version 0.1. I have got most of the game-play done.Here is the build: Windows(.zip 14mb) and Mac(.zip 14 mb).
Arrow key or WASD to move
Space to jump
Shift to run
Z to zoom the mini map in
X to zoom the mini map out
Goal: get all the check points(blue boxes,(model coming soon)) the check points will turn green when activated.
Get the coins for more points.
Here is all the links to all the assets in the game right now:
Character Model and animations: Max Adventure Model(asset store)
Bricks and bricks texture: by me in Blender3D
All sounds: 8-bit Sounds Free Package(asset store)
A bug’s life(dafont.com)
Airplanes in the Night Sky(dafont.com)
Orange juice(dafont.com)
Distance tool(asset store)
Toon shader on bricks: Toony Gooch Free(asset store)
Player map marker: by me in Gimp
Old Paper Texture: 60 Amazing Paper Textures(blog)
Standard Assets:
Character Controllers
Toon shading
This is most of the game-play done. Next step the level and main menu. I am thinking about changing the game to first person what do you think? You can download the project folder (.zip 78 mb): here.Please give feed back. Thanks
P.S screen shots and maybe a video coming soon

Note: you don’t need unity to run the test builds. Feedback in the comments is welcome


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