UCC Update #1: My Domain

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Welcome to to a (hopefully) daily series of posts about what I am doing on Unschoolers Creative City Server(UCC). I have been building for a while on UCC so I have a lot builds to catch up on. So for a while I am going to be posting about past builds. Let’s get started: the first thing I build on UCC  is a walled area I like to call my domain. It is located quite near the spawn of the city world, in one of the last large spots in the area. Here is some screenshots:

A view from above of the domain:   2013-07-30_19.12.22

The view from inside looking forward:


Not sure what this is. I started making a apartment building and never finished it and never hade time to tear it down:


A building with a nether portal in it. And the stair up the skyrail(which I will look at in more detail in a later post):


The water at the far end of the domain:


The start of the skyrail:


My friend Dylan(gallo88) house:


The tower in front of Dylan’s house:


The first room in Dylan’s house(I like the effect of the fence in the wall):


The second room in Dylan’s house:


And the third room in Dylan’s house:


One of the little rooms in the tower that’s in front off the domain:


And the room in the top of the tower:


Up next week: my first house…


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