Minecraft: Super House Update #10: Super Complex

The next thing for the house: A giant multiple use office tower style building. It is going to house lots of things, including a gym, a restaurant, a pool and many more. I decided to build it here:


Also a chose the color scheme of gray and purple stained clay. Next I built the layout of the bottom and decided to go super big:


Then I filled it in and made the frame of the walls witch go up to almost the max height:


And because it is not big enough yet I added a a overhang to the tower:


Then glass and water to the slated part of the overhang:


And a glass floor over the water:


I think I will use the glass floor as a sort of sitting area. Next I made some elevator shafts going up the glass floor:



After that I decided to build a giant outdoor patio under the overhang:


And the last thing for today was to finish the one of the elevators:





Also I promised to post the world file of the super house map so far. So here it is:

Zip(6 mp)

Thanks for reading.


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3 thoughts on “Minecraft: Super House Update #10: Super Complex

  1. ftfhero on said:

    Cool! 😀

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