I am back!

I don’t know why I stopped. Anyways lot’s of thing to catch up on: One of the main reasons I have not been posting is that I started a YouTube Channel : SebastienCraft go check it out. Also Sebastien Craft now has a website! You can see it here. It’s going to have lot’s of info on it including a contact page. Also I just started a game: Newtons Playground, I will be posting regular updates on that here as well as on the website. For organization purpose I have moved all the posts before this one to the Old Posts category and all the post will go into new categories. As for series I probably bring back top five YouTube videos of the week in the near future, but other that I will be posting a game making update about once a week as well as posting my videos as they come out(about once or twice a week). Enjoy!



p.s If you have any comments post them below.

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4 thoughts on “I am back!

  1. Yay your back!

  2. Can you start up the creative Minecraft thing again?

  3. Maybe, but I think I might do video updates instead.

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