Newton’s Playground Game Update #1 (Technical Overview Part 1)

Here is a more technical overview of game update one(see the main post Here first). The game right now is two scenes, the main menu and the build screen, Let’s go over the main menu first:

test_build_0 2014-04-14 15-53-40-31

What you can do in this scene: Left click anywhere to spawn a apple(rigidbody), click on the quit button to quit the game, and on the play button to go to the build scene, the rest of the buttons do nothing at this point. The title is a image I made in Photoshop then added as a sprite, also I added a 2D box collider to keep the apples from falling through it. The grass is again a picture made in Photoshop, but the grass texture is from CG textures it also a has a 2D box collider on it. I have also added a some invisible boxes around the buttons and the sides to keep the apples in. The GUI script is quite simple, just four button the first one is right in the middle and the rest are under it(using a spacing variable to define the spacing). The Start button simply loads the build scene and the quit button uses Application.Quit() to quit the game. I use a single script on the camera to spawn the apples. If you click the left mouse it sets a vector3 to the mouse position using camera.ScreenToWorldPoint(mouse position). Then it Instantiates a prefab apple at the spawn point. I also added a max apple variable so you can’t spawn to many apples and crash the game. and that is it for the main menu, I don’t have any more time to write tonight so I will finish this tomorrow.

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