Newton’s Playground Game Update #1

I the past week I have started development of a new game in unity(game engine): Newton’s Playground a 2D physics playground game where you can build and experiment with a variety of vehicles and buildings. The first part of the game I am going to make is spaceships and rockets, a bit like Kerbal Space Program, but in 2d in and not in space. This will include the building of the rockets as well as the flying. And once I am done that it is just a matter of adding different parts for the different vehicles. This part of the development will be done by the end of may. So here is the result of my first week of work:

Play the Webplayer

Download for windows(30 mb)

test_build_0 2014-04-14 15-53-40-31 test_build_0 2014-04-14 16-49-30-65

I have made the start of the main menu with a quit button and when you click anywhere a apple is spawned. When you click the play button you go to the build screen where I have made a couple of parts to test. You can place the first part of the ship. And I have added some of the GUI. Click the quit button to go back to the main menu. If you want know how I made this I will be posting a technical update later to day with all the details. Have any feedback or ideas for the game post them below.


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One thought on “Newton’s Playground Game Update #1

  1. Can you make it kind or like scribblenauts but with more detail and mechanical stuff. Also, it would be awesome if there was like an anti gravity switch!

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