Ballistics Gel Testing

To make the gel I used a one part unflavored gelatine powder(from bulkbarn) to 8 parts water. So I started with two pounds(about six cups) of powder:


Then I added it to 48 cup of water then pored it into the mold I will be using:


Then let chill in the fridge for a few hours before melting it all down:

IMG_4703 IMG_4705

Then it’s back in the mold to set for a few days to get this:



So I took it to my friend’s house to test it with his air guns:

Ruger® Air Hawk .177 Caliber


Crosman American Classic Pump Pistol (.177)


And the bullets:

Crosman Destroyer (.177)


Crosman Pointed pellet(.177)


We tested shooting at the gel at different distances and with different guns and bullets. Here where are results(by the distance they penetrated  into the gel):

Rifle with the destroyer ammo:

  • 20 yards: 3.5 inches

  • 10 yards: 3.5 inches

  • Point blank: 3.5 inches

Rifle with the pointed ammo:

  • 20 yards: 6 inches

  • 10 yards: 7.25 inches

  • Point Blank: 8 inches

Pistol with destroyer ammo:

  • 10 yards: 2.5 inches

Pistol With pointed ammo:

  • 10 yards 4.5 inches




We also tested his compound bow, which destroyed it:



Well that’s it.


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