Cities Skylines: Review

City Skylines, the best city builder I’ve ever played. Since I played sim city 2000 a while ago I always enjoyed a good city builder, but there is not a lot out there. Sim city 5 looked complete crap and most of the other ones are quite out of date. I did buy sim city 4 at one point, but never got into it. It just felt old and a bit clunky, what I was looking for was a working sim city 5 and that’s what city skylines does. I picked this game up not long after the release after hearing about it from bunch of Youtuber’s that got advanced copies of the game to review/play(great marketing strategy by the way). If you want to check out the game here it is one steam.

Now for the review. Pros: Graphics look great even on low or medium. For the screen shots later on I have the game on about high settings. Large building area, the stock game allows up to 9 squares of expansion but with a mod that can go up to 25 squares(one square is about the size of one sim city 5 city). Very detailed economy simulation. Each building as several upgrade levels, with a set of requirements that have to be met before the building can upgrade to the next level. This creates growth even without building new areas. The job market, the production and use of goods by building and goods importing and exporting are all simulated with this system. There is also a very detailed budget panel that allows you to adjust each part of budget separately as well as take out loans and change taxes. A large amount of services have to be build and manged to keep you citizens happy. Including: primary, secondary and university level education; power, water medical care, death care, police and fire service and parks. A very realistic traffic simulation. Each car or truck is coming from somewhere and is going somewhere and will obey traffic lows as in real life(stopping at traffic lights and for pedestrians, not crashing into other cars etc.). This means that a big part of the game is building a good road system to keep up with the traffic of your city. This also applies to the trains and subways in the game as well, this can lead to some very interesting train jams if you overload your tracks. Amazing modding support: you can get just about anything you can think of on the steam workshop page for the game, from a mod to allow you toggle the traffic lights to a model of the CN tower to a custom map of just about any city there is. And my list of pros could go on and on, but in interest of keeping this from getting to long I will move on the my cons: First the game wont run super well on lower end computers. Even though a lower frame rate is less of a problem in this kind of game then other you wont get a locked sixty without a beast of a system. My system(see about page for specs) will get about fifteen to thirty FPS on high settings, but even if I turn it down to low I wont be getting much more thirty. That’s the main reason why I am probably not going to be doing any videos on this game, at least not in the near future. And secondly the traffic simulation. I know I said liked traffic and it is amazing feat of AI design but because the AI cant be overly advanced, since there literally thousands of cars on the road, I find that problems arise that wouldn’t in the real world and that can take some of the fun of out of the game sometimes.

In conclusion I would highly recommend city skylines to anyone enjoys a good city builder or any sandbox game. And I’m sure I will be putting a lot more time into it myself.

As for if I will be doing any lets play of this game. I said above that wont be doing any video, but I will be doing a written series where I show you the building of a city though screenshots and shorts descriptions. That should start very soon.


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